Pamela Storrs Winston

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Hypnotherapist

      This is the first basic guide to intuition and psychic abilities, written by internationally known Psychic and Spiritual Advisor and Medium, Pamela Storrs.  
Great Oracle Book!
Just open a page, Breathe and Affirm ... the perfect affirmation for you for that moment appears. Read the short chapter with it for more in depth.

      It includes:  Trusting your gut feelings, knowing your psychic abilities, and learning to use what you instinctively know.
     It's full of:

        Lifestyle exercises for Intuitive people (and not so Intuitive people)!         How to know what you know (and not have to explain it!)         How to joyfully move forward with your lessons in life.         Relationship navigating while knowing what you know.  

      What does it all mean?    What’s an aura?    What’s a medium?    What’s an affirmation (and there are plenty in this book!)?      Am I intuitive or psychic; or just imagining things?   

Full of examples and easy to follow exercises, you can simply learn to meditate or to connect with your guides.

This book is Great for teens & adults of all ages!    Learn to Breathe, Intuit, and Inspire!     Get centered and in control of your Life!     Create the Life You want now!     

BREATHE!! Your Life Depends On It!! from cover to cover, or pick it up and open to a random page to see what you need to know at that moment.   There's an affirmation at the end of every short chapter ... use it all day long!   Enjoy!

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