Hypnotherapy for:

**Reduce Stress     **Sleep Better      **Control Weight

**Pain Control     **Stop Smoking     **Past/Future Lives

                      and more ... inquire!


     Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective means of accomplishing what you want in life.  Whether it be to stop smoking, sleep better, be out of pain, manage weight or reduce stress, this method is easy and painless.


     Approved by both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association in the mid 1950s as effective and viable, physicians around the world recommend hypnotherapy.


     Pam has been practicing hypnotherapy for more than 15 years, and will spend the time to understand your issues and goals.  Some goals will take just three sessions, some will require more.  All sessions are confidential.  Please call to speak directly to Pam for a free 10 minute consultation to determine what will work best for you!

***Excerpt on Hypnotherapy from Pam's book: BREATHE!! Your Life Depends On It!

... Hypnotherapy has assisted thousands of people in overcoming unwanted patterns and/or understanding their life lessons and life paths.  It is primarily used for stress reduction, which is what you’ll get no matter what else you accomplish, and is a tool you will always have, once you have experienced it.

        The state of hypnosis is a very relaxed state where you actually continue to hear the words of the therapist while in that super-relaxed state.  You will have agreed ahead of time on just what you’re working on in the session, or what you hope to gain/learn.

      Past life regressions and future life progressions are wonderful for understanding relationships we have in this life.  Also, they help to shed light on why we do the same things over again (so we may finally learn the lessons and move on!).  These regressions are painless! 
It is in that relaxed state that we access memory, and just as memory of our early years in this life are available, so are memories of other lifetimes.  It’s just a matter of having the intent of what you want to accomplish in the regression or progression, and your soul will see to it that you remember the most pertinent lifetime(s) to shed the light.

     Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for overcoming past traumas, whether from this lifetime or another, and for ridding you of old, negative and no longer useful patterns to replace them with new, positive, and motivational thoughts. 

It is very effective to stop smoking, for weight control, pain management, and so on.  Hypnotherapy is quite different than meditation; whereas hypnotherapy brings a very relaxed state, meditation goes far beyond to a heightened, calm state of awareness.

       Hypnotherapy includes the idea that thoughts are things; very powerful creative things.  The more positive thoughts you choose to have as new subconscious patterning, the easier and more powerfully you will be able to create your life now.  A good hypnotherapist will help you to create what you want, with your goals and intentions in mind.
  • Stop Smoking package rate $399!
  • Includes a total of 3 sessions ...
  • 1/week for 3 weeks

Call for special package rates for other Hypnotherapy purposes.  Standard rates are $275 per hour and a half (1st session),

$200 for follow up sessions (45 min to 1 hr)

Pamela Storrs Winston

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Hypnotherapist