Pamela Storrs Winston

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Hypnotherapist


What is meditation?

     Most meditation is a method of relaxing with a heightened state of awareness.  It is a means for quieting Self for many purposes, including reducing stress and achieving calmness and joy.

Why would I meditate?

     You might meditate for the simple purpose of creating a calm center within.  Perhaps you want a meditation in which you can contact your guides or angels.  It could be that you'd like to receive awareness while in a heightened state.

How do I meditate?

     There are many ways.  One easy and nice way is by quieting your mind (yes ... tell it "no thoughts!") and focusing only on your breath.  Get comfortable, be in loose comfortable clothing, sit (no laying down, you're not going to sleep here!), and close your eyes.  I like a nice passive meditation twice a day, with just breath ... save the guides and the rest to another time.  Just being able to by calm and centered is wonderful!  You can do it !

There is a complete exercise in my book:  

BREATHE!!  Your Life Depends On It!  A to Z Guide to Your Intuition

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