Set your intentions joyfully.  (These are different than goals)  Imagine what you want, and remind yourself of that every day.  If it is a different weight for your physical body, imagine the size shade and/or weight you'd like to be ... imagine, visualize and FEEL what that will be like.  Smile from your heart as though you're there not!  This is intention setting, and it allows the process to be fun (remember, if you're focused on "losing" something, deep down you'll always be looking to get it back).  Focus on what you DO want.  This is a way toward accomplishment that is permanent.

     If it is abundance you're seeking, use the same formula.  Remember that we live in a universe that is unlimited!  Love and abundance are of the same energy ... Unconditional love and kindness are in the circle of giving and receiving, so intend Kindness!  Keep that smile in your heart, and watch your world work in miraculous ways.

     Life is easy if you imagine it so.  Keep that smile in your heart, let it spread to your face, and make the world a better place by sharing that smile with others.  Wishing you all that you wish for!

Manifest that which most sings to your heart.

Quotes from Pam Storrs Winston  (also found in her book ...):  BREATHE!!  Your Life Depends On It!

True happiness leads to health on all levels;

physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Be kindness, seek kindness and accept only kindness!

Breathe well, your Life depends on it!

Without Breath, we are a Soul without a body.

   Everything you do or don't do today is important, as you're giving up an entire day of your life for it!   Choose well, be on purpose, and remember that even doing nothing is productive when consciously chosen.

Pamela Storrs Winston

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Hypnotherapist