Pamela Storrs Winston

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Hypnotherapist

RATES for Life Path Consultations:

For an appointment and further information, please call toll free  877-546-8496 ...

     Appointments are typically scheduled a week or more in advance, and are scheduled for Monday through Friday between 10a and 5p (ET).  Your appointment time will be set when you call or email.  Don't hesitate though, if you need something right away ... the odds may just be in your favor!  And ... these are suggested rates; please let me know if you need a special rate.

        I'm delighted to work with you!

 One half hour Life Path Consultation    $125   

 One hour Life Path Consultation     $200   

 One and one half hour Life Path Consultation    $275   

 Two hours Life Path Consultation    $350   

**Terms and Conditions:  Rates and payments are for services rendered, whether it is for Life Path Consultations, Coaching, Mentoring, Hypnotherapy or any service, and are therefore non-refundable.  In the event of changing a previously scheduled time (Life happens!), it must be done at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, or all monies are forfeited.